Summer 2005




Suggested Readings

(These readings contain more detail than will be covered on quizzes.  They are provided as alternative sources of information that may be helpful.  They are not required).

  • Syllabus

  • History of Microbiology

  • Microbial Diversity

SG1 Intro (html)
SG1 Intro (Print)

Timeline (html)
Timeline (print)

Diversity (html)
Diversity (print)

Paustian Micro Book Ch 1


  • Cell Theory & Structure

SG2 Cells (html)
SG2 Cells (pdf)


Paustian Micro Book Ch 2

Eukaryotes in The Biology Project*

  • Microbial Metabolism

SG3 Metabolism (html)
SG3 Metabolism (pdf)

Metabolism (html)

Metabolism (print)

Paustian Metabolism

  • Microbial Genetics

SG4 Genetics (html)
SG4 Genetics (pdf)

Genetics (print)

DNA Replication and Protein Synthesis (NobelPrize.Org)--Flip through the advanced version for a good animations and explanations.

DNA from the Beginning (Cold Spring Harbor Labs)--Provides a historical account of the many discoveries that have contributed to our knowledge of genetics. The animations (one of the tabs at the bottom of each page) provide good explanations of genetic processes.

  • Viruses

SG5Virus (pdf)

Viruses (print)

Microbiology Textbook

Virology On-line

  • Disease Processes

SG6 Disease Processes (pdf)

Disease Processes (pdf)

Todar Microbiology Textbook Chapters:

The Nature of Host Parasite Interactions

The Bacterial Flora of Humans

Mechanisms of Bacterial Pathogenicity

  • Recombinant DNA

SG8_rDNA (pdf)

Recombinant DNA (pdf)

National Center for Biotechnology Information Tutorial (Decent overview of recombinant DNA technologies)

Simulation of Bacterial ID using DNA sequencing Very nice simulation of bacterial unknown identification using DNA technology. Highly recommended!

  • Antimicrobial Activities

SG7 Antimicrobials (pdf)

Antimicrobials (pdf)

Paustian Microbiology (Control of Microbes)--unfinished but good info

Todar Microbiology (Antibiotics)


  • Immune Response


SG9 Immune Response (pdf)

Immune Response (pdf)

Immune Response Handout (page 1)

Immune Response Handout (page 2)



National Cancer Institute: Immune System



  • Environmental Microbiology

  • Review Session

* The Eukaryote Problem Set at The Biology Project will help you learn about the basic principles of eukaryote cell structure. The Biology Project is an interactive online resource for learning biology, developed at The University of Arizona.