Disease Rough Draft Evaluations


Each of you has been assigned TWO rough drafts to evaluate. You may earn up to 10 points for each evaluation (2 evaluations x 10 points = 20 points possible).  To earn the full 20 points, please do the following:

1.  Open the Disease Eval List to find out which two disease projects you are assigned to evaluate.  This file is sorted by the last four digits of your Student Identification Number.  The two projects you are assigned to evaluate are shown in the columns labeled "Eval1" and "Eval2".

2.  Download two copies of the Disease Grade Sheet.

3.  Use a grade sheet to assess each report.

a.  To receive full credit for your evaluations, you MUST PROVIDE WRITTEN feedback (on the grade sheet).  Simply circling scores for each criterion will earn you less than maximum credit.  Your written feedback will be much more valuable to the authors as they revise their papers for final submission.

b.  Turn in TWO copies of each evaluation (total number of evals = 2 rough drafts x 2 copies of your eval for each rough draft = 4 eval copies total per person).

i.  I will return one copy of each of your evaluations to the rough draft authors.

ii.  I will keep one copy of each evaluation so that I can assign grades for the evals.  I will also keep these copies so that I can determine the extent to which the authors made use of your comments to produce their final drafts.

4.  From the following list, download the reports you are assigned to evaluate.  (Items in this list will become clickable as I receive the rough drafts).

5.  In order to perform an adequate evaluation, you must have knowledge of the disease you are evaluating.  If the rough draft contains erroneous information or is missing important information, and you (the evaluator) do not catch these errors, points may be deducted from your evaluator score.

AIDS Anthrax Bubonic Plague
Candidiasis Cervical Cancer Chlamydia
Dracunculiasis Giardiasis Influenza
Leishmaniasis Mad Cow/CJD Malaria
Meningococcal Disease Smallpox Strep Throat
Taenia Tuberculosis West Nile Encephalitis