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Welcome to BIOL& 160 (Fall Quarter 2016) at Clark College! 

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Biology 160 Announcements

Sat. 10/22/16 -- The practical is taking me longer than hoped to grade...I hope to be able to post scores sometime tomorrow (Sun.).

Wed. 10/19/16 -- Getting ready for Lecture Exam 2 (which is scheduled for the first lecture meeting of next week [Week 6]):

* Continue REVIEWING concepts you already have down (keep 'em fresh in your mind).

* PRACTICE answering questions about the concepts.  For example, simulate testing conditions (no notes or book) and try to answer the practice questions on the Prep Guide.  In addition, hand your notes to a partner (who doesn't have to be in the class...any friend or family member can help!), and have him or her ask you questions about the concepts in the notes.

* Continue using the "self-testing technique" described on p. 7 of the syllabus to see what you truly know (or don't know)!


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Biology 160 Course Materials for Fall 2016

BIOL& 160 MW Syllabus, Fall 2016 - this is the syllabus for my BIOL& 160 sections (WKA and WKB) that meet Mondays and Wednesdays

BIOL& 160 TTh Syllabus, Fall 2016 - this is the syllabus for my BIOL& 160 sections (CK and DK) that meet Tuesdays and Thursdays


BIOL& 160 Learning Outcomes for Ch. 1, 2, 3, 4, 9, 6, 7, 8, and 11.


BIOL& 160 Course Introduction Notes

BIOL& 160 Ch. 1 (Intro to Biology) Notes

BIOL& 160 Ch. 2 (Chemistry) Notes

BIOL& 160 Enzymes Notes (from Ch. 4)

BIOL& 160 Ch. 3 (Cells) Notes

BIOL& 160 Ch. 4 (Energy) Notes


BIOL& 160 Lecture Exam 1 Prep Guide

Key to the Lecture Exam 1 Prep Guide

BIOL& 160 Lecture Exam 2 Prep Guide

New!  Key to the Lecture Exam 2 Prep Guide


BIOL& 160 Lecture Exam Protocols and Multiple Choice Exam Tips


Did you know that Clark College Career Services offers FREE Student Success Workshops on a variety of topics, including note-taking for college success, reading for college success, memory strategies, test anxiety, stress management, procrastination, creating a support system in college, APA citation, and more?  Click here for more info, including a link to the workshop schedule for Fall Quarter 2016...and if the workshop time you're interested in has already occurred, occurs too late in the quarter to be of any help to you for this quarter, or conflicts with your schedule, contact them to see if you can still at least get the information that they offer on each topic.

Here's an article that references a research study about a simple writing exercise to help reduce test anxiety.


Biology 160 lab Announcements

Second lab meeting of Week 5 (Wed./Thu. Oct. 19/20) -- During the second lab of the week, you should:

* In your table groups, work together to complete at least Activities 1 and 2 of Module 7 (Fermentation) as directed by the instructor.  You may also complete Activity 3 today if you have time and if your group is in agreement to do so (otherwise you'll have to do it during the second lab meeting of next week, when you'll also be completing Activity 4).  Please be careful handling the microscopes, slides, glassware, chemicals, and live cultures.  Don't forget to clean up (especially the fermentation tubes!) after you've finished the procedures (leave the lab in as good or better condition than when you arrived, and put everything back in its place).  Make sure you get my initials on p. 1 of your module before you leave!

After the second lab meeting of this week (Week 5), and before the first lab meeting of next week (Week 6), you should:

* The first lab of next week is for BRP time with your teams.  So make sure you've made some progress on the BRP, and be ready to share that progress with the rest of your team.  You'll have time to work together to outline (or do other work on) your paper or poster, and I'll share some examples of papers from previous quarters.  We may also talk about how to properly do APA citation of your sources. 


* * * * *

Biology 160 Lab Materials for Fall 2016

Unless otherwise announced, there's no need to print these; hard copies of the documents necessary for lab activities will be provided to you in lab.

BIOL& 160 Lab Safety Rules Sheet


BIOL& 160 Lab Module 1 (Sci Method)

Articles:  "A simple device to detect concussions" and "Effect of sport-related concussion on clinically measured simple reaction time"

BIOL& 160 Lab Module 2 (Water)

BIOL& 160 Lab Module 4 (Microscopy I)

BIOL& 160 Lab Module 3 (Enzymes)

BIOL& 160 Lab Module 5 (Microscopy II)

BIOL& 160 Lab Module 6 (Osmosis)

BIOL& 160 Lab Module 7 (Fermentation)


BIOL& 160 Lab Practical 1 Review Guide


BIOL& 160 Biomedical Research Project (BRP) Instructions

BRP Team Eval and Peer Critique Forms

BRP Topic List


The Archive:  Course Materials From Previous Terms

Biology 241 Course Materials from Winter 2016

Biology 242 Course Materials from Spring 2016