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Welcome to BIOL 164 and 165 (Winter Quarter 2015) at Clark College! 

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Biology 164 Announcements

Fri. 1/23/15 -- BIOL 164 assignments for today and the weekend:

* BEFORE the next class --to prepare for next Tuesday's lecture, read (or at least skim) the relevant section(s) of Ch. 5 that we haven't gotten to yet.  For reference, the parts of Ch. 5 that we're focusing on are pp. 88-92 and pp. 97 (starting with "Joints") through 101.  Also read (or at least skim) the first few pages of Ch. 15.  Finally, make sure to read through the rest of the Ch. 5 notes that we didn't get to today, as well as the first 1/4 or so of the Ch. 15 notes (which will be posted later today).

* AFTER today's class -- get a second reading (or your first reading, if you only skimmed before) of the parts of Ch. 4 and Ch. 5 that we discussed today (coordinating the reading with your notes), and take advantage of the 3 days between classes to ACTIVELY study and learn the concepts.  If you're behind, work to get caught up.  If you're caught up, work to keep pace.  And if you anticipate being very busy next week with respect to your other life responsibilities, work to get ahead.  Remember, some examples of "ACTIVE" studying include re-writing/typing/organizing/phrasing your notes, making flashcards, mind-mapping...above all try to paraphrase (put the info into your own words) if you can.  As always, work first to UNDERSTAND the concepts, and then work to convert that understanding into KNOWLEDGE.

* THIS WEEKEND, IF YOU HAVEN'T ALREADY -- use your graded Section Exam 1 as a learning tool!  (For suggestions, see the second slide of the "additional information about Section Exam 1" document posted in the announcement from Wed. 1/21 below.)

Wed. 1/21/15 -- Click here for some additional information about Section Exam 1, as well as suggestions for what to do after you get your graded exam back.  We'll discuss all of this briefly at the beginning of class tomorrow.  See you then!


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Biology 164 Course Materials for Winter 2015

BIOL 164 Syllabus, Winter 2015


BIOL 164 Ch. 1 (Intro) Notes

BIOL 164 Ch. 2 (Chem) Notes

BIOL 164 Ch. 3, 19, 21 (Cell) Notes

BIOL 164 Ch. 4 (Tissues & Skin) Notes

BIOL 164 Ch. 5 (Bones) Notes

New!  BIOL 164 Ch. 15 (Digestive) Notes


BIOL 164 Section Exam 1 Prep Guide

Key to the Section Exam 1 Prep Guide

New!  BIOL 164 Section Exam 2 Prep Guide

The key to the Section Exam 2 Prep Guide will be posted here at the end of week 4.


BIOL 164 Exam Protocols and Multiple Choice Tips

Here's an article that references a research study about a simple writing exercise to help reduce test anxiety.


Did you know that Clark's Career Center offers FREE Student Success Workshops on a variety of topics, including note-taking, reading for college success, test-taking tips, test anxiety, time management, stress management, multitasking, procrastination, and more?  Click here for their workshop schedule for Winter 2015...and if the workshop time you're interested in has already occurred, occurs too late in the quarter to be of any help to you for this quarter, or conflicts with your schedule, contact them to see if you can still at least get the information that they offer on each topic.

FREE science- and biology-specific tutoring (including for BIOL 164!) is offered in BHL 101/102.  Their phone number is 360.992.2694, and click here for the schedule.


Biology 165 Announcements

Second lab of week 3 (Thu. or Fri., 1/22 or 1/23/15) -- BIOL 165 assignments for today's lab and the weekend:

* TODAY -- continue to work together on Activity Sheet 3 (Histology of Epithelial and Bone Tissues).  Activity Sheet 3 is due this week, so show me that you've completed it by the end of lab today for 10 points.  To find the definitions on p. 2 of the Sheet, as well as some functions and locations for the different types of epithelium that you can put in the boxes on pp. 2-4 of the Sheet, download and look through the first 11 pages of the "Histology" Lab Manual (think twice about simply printing the whole thing, because it's a total of 18 pages long), and/or check out pp. 69-70 in the Goodenough and McGuire recommended lecture text.  Practice using the microscopes to identify the different tissue types and structures as indicated on the second page of your Structure List.  Review the tissues and structures that you've learned, and practice testing each other on them (you can cover the slide labels with scratch paper).

* TODAY -- review the bones that you've learned, and practice testing each other on them. 

* OVER THE WEEKEND -- continue to review and study the bones using your resources, including the Structure List, Skeletal System Lab Manual, Essential Atlas of Anatomy (pp. 16-21), and the Goodenough and McGuire recommended lecture text (pp. 93-98).  And continue to review and study the tissues and structures (along with one function and one location for each of the epithelial tissues) using your resources, including the Structure List, Histology Lab Manual, and Activity Sheet 3.

* REMINDER -- Lab Practical Exam 1 will take place during the first lab of next week (week 4).


* * * * *

Biology 165 Course Materials for Winter 2015

BIOL 165 Syllabus, Winter 2015


The Structure Lists (a.k.a. Things to Know for Each Lab Practical Exam), Activity Sheets, and Lab Manuals for BIOL 165 may be accessed here


Human Biology and A&P Links

My colleagues Mark Bolke and Dr. Rick Rausch have compiled extensive collections of links to web resources that you may find useful and interesting during your study of Human Biology and A&P.  Check 'em out!

Mark Bolke's links page

Dr. Rick Rausch's links page

The Archive:  Course Materials From Previous Terms

Biology 251 Course Materials from Spring 2014

Biology 252 Course Materials from Summer 2014

Biology 253 Course Materials from Fall 2014

Biology 164 Course Materials from Winter 2014 -- Note:  if you are taking my BIOL 164 course this winter (2015), feel free to preview these but do not print them, as I will be editing them for the upcoming quarter and some content and/or organization may change.  I'll have the "new and improved" versions of my notes posted in the "Biology 164 Course Materials for Winter 2015" section of this website (scroll up) by the night before each lecture at the latest, and most often sooner.