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Mon. 10/20/14 -- Lab Exam 1 grading update:  We have made progress, but won't be able to finish them all today.  The plan is to have them ready to pass back to you at your first (or only, if you're in an evening lab) lab meeting of the week, and then I'll post the scores here when we have them all done (likely sometime Wednesday).  Thanks as always for your patience, and see you soon!

Sun. 10/19/14 -- Very nice job overall on Lecture Exam 1, folks:  the average was a strong 104.7/135 (77.5%).  You can find your score here.  You'll get your graded Lecture Exam back at the end of lecture on Tuesday.

Fri. 10/17/14 -- Now that our first big exam week is done, I encourage you all to exhale and try to do something fun to get away from A&P for a short break to recharge your batteries a bit.  Then, when you're rip-roarin'-ready to go again, here are some things you can do to prepare for next week...

For lecture:  as we discussed in lecture this week, you'll want to get back into your regular studying groove/routine of reading/skimming the relevant parts of the textbook chapter and reading through the lecture notes before class, and then after class getting in your 2nd reading of the relevant parts of the textbook chapter, followed by employing active studying techniques to build your understanding and then convert that understanding to knowledge.  As you probably already know, we're smack in the midst of the fascinating Lymphatic System and Immunity chapter (Ch. 22) right now.  Remember that not quite all of the reading in Martini Ch. 22 will be fair game for the next lecture exam.  Here again is the excluded section:

Specific Exclusions (note that all page numbers I refer to are from the 9th Edition of Martini et al.): 

For Chapter 22 (The Lymphatic System and Immunity) in Martini et al., I am specifically excluding pp. 800 (starting with the beginning of Section 22-7) through the end of the chapter from your lecture exam material responsibilities.

For lab:  Check out the digestive structures on pp. 16-20 of the Lab Manual, and before you show up to lab next week, start finding them, circling/highlighting them, and reading/learning about them in your textbooks.  In Martini, look in Ch. 24, and in Leboffe, look in Ch. 14.  And of course, use the index of your Netter atlas to find detailed drawings of what you're looking for.  Overall, learn about the digestive structures as much as you can ahead of time (focusing on what makes each of them unique/identifiable), so that your valuable lab time is spent efficiently with the cadavers, models and the slides.  Next week, we will be specifically be giving histology lessons on the tongue, salivary glands, stomach, and possibly the small intestine in lab.  Remember, this coming weekend (10/18-19) there are no open labs.

For the Blood Tracing Exam:  since blood vessel anatomy is fresh in your memory from your preparations for Lab Exam 1, and since there are no exams scheduled for next week, the next few days might be a good time to step up your studying of the blood tracing routes.  Work on getting them down pat and then knock out that test soon, maybe even next week.  (Remember, the deadline is October 31st.) 

Biology 253 Course Materials for Fall 2014

BIOL& 253 Syllabus, Fall 2014


BIOL& 253 Ch. 19 Notes

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BIOL& 253 Lecture Exam 1 Prep Guide

Key to the multiple choice questions on the Lecture Exam 1 Prep Guide

The BIOL& 253 Lecture Exam 2 Prep Guide is coming soon!


BIOL& 253 Lecture Exam Protocols and Multiple Choice Tips


As you know, the A&P sequence is tough, and it requires a lot of outside-of-class study time and effort in order for you to give yourself the best chance to excel.  A while back, I asked some of my best A&P students to tell me what they did to help them score well on the lecture exams.  Here's what they said.



BIOL& 253 Blood Tracing Exam Informational Handout, Fall 2014



BIOL& 253L Lab Manual, Fall 2014

Cardiovascular System Deletions and Changes -- updated 9/24/14


A&P Open Lab Schedule for Fall Quarter 2014:

        Saturdays and Sundays, 8A-6P (except October 18 and 19)

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My colleagues Mark Bolke and Dr. Rick Rausch have compiled extensive collections of links to web resources that you may find useful and interesting during your study of A&P.  Check 'em out!

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Biology 253 Course Materials from Fall 2013 -- Note:  if you are taking my BIOL& 253 course this fall (2014), feel free to preview these but do not print them, as I will be editing them for the upcoming quarter and some content and/or organization may change.  I'll have the "new and improved" versions of my notes posted in the "Biology 253 Course Materials for Fall 2014" section of this website (scroll up) by the night before each lecture at the latest, and most often sooner.

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