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Welcome to BIOL& 160 (Fall Quarter 2016) at Clark College! 

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Biology 160 Announcements

Wed. 11/30/16 -- Lecture assignments for between now and your Final Exam:

* Follow the advice on the Final Exam Study Tips document as best as you can (scroll down for the "Hot!" link).  Let me know if you have any questions, and see you next week for the Final!  (See the course schedule on the last page of your syllabus for the specific date and time that the Final Exam will be given [as determined by the Clark College Final Exam Schedule].)


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Biology 160 Course Materials for Fall 2016

BIOL& 160 MW Syllabus, Fall 2016 - this is the syllabus for my BIOL& 160 sections (WKA and WKB) that meet Mondays and Wednesdays

BIOL& 160 TTh Syllabus, Fall 2016 - this is the syllabus for my BIOL& 160 sections (CK and DK) that meet Tuesdays and Thursdays


BIOL& 160 Learning Outcomes for Ch. 1, 2, 3, 4, 9, 6, 7, 8, and 11.


BIOL& 160 Course Introduction Notes

BIOL& 160 Ch. 1 (Intro to Biology) Notes

BIOL& 160 Ch. 2 (Chemistry) Notes

BIOL& 160 Enzymes Notes (from Ch. 4)

BIOL& 160 Ch. 3 (Cells) Notes

BIOL& 160 Ch. 4 (Energy) Notes

BIOL& 160 Ch. 9 (Molecular Biology) Notes

BIOL& 160 Ch. 6 (Cellular Reproduction) Notes

BIOL& 160 Ch. 7 (Cellular Basis of Inheritance) Notes

BIOL& 160 Ch. 8 (Patterns of Inheritance) Notes

BIOL& 160 Ch. 11 (Evolution) Notes, Part 1

BIOL& 160 Ch. 11 (Evolution) Notes, Part 2


BIOL& 160 Lecture Exam 1 Prep Guide

Key to the Lecture Exam 1 Prep Guide

BIOL& 160 Lecture Exam 2 Prep Guide

Key to the Lecture Exam 2 Prep Guide

BIOL& 160 Lecture Exam 3 Prep Guide

Key to the Lecture Exam 3 Prep Guide

BIOL& 160 Prep Guide for the Unit 4 (Ch. 8 and Ch. 11) part of the Final Exam

New!  Key to the Unit 4 Prep Guide


Hot!  BIOL& 160 Final Exam Study Tips

BIOL& 160 Final Exam Protocols and Multiple Choice Exam Tips


Did you know that Clark College Career Services offers FREE Student Success Workshops on a variety of topics, including note-taking for college success, reading for college success, memory strategies, test anxiety, stress management, procrastination, creating a support system in college, APA citation, and more?  Click here for more info, including a link to the workshop schedule for Fall Quarter 2016...and if the workshop time you're interested in has already occurred, occurs too late in the quarter to be of any help to you for this quarter, or conflicts with your schedule, contact them to see if you can still at least get the information that they offer on each topic.

Here's an article that references a research study about a simple writing exercise to help reduce test anxiety.


Biology 160 lab Announcements

Second lab meeting of Week 11 (Wed./Thu. Nov. 30/Dec. 1) -- During the second lab of the week, you should:

* As directed, complete Lab Practical 2 as best as you can.  Make sure your name is on both the question packet and the answer sheet, and turn them both in to me when you're done. 

* I'll post scores for both Lab Practical 2 and the BRP sometime over the coming weekend, and if you would like to review your graded Lab Practical 2 Answer Sheet and/or your graded BRP, please come find me either before or after your scheduled Final Exam period next week, in either the lab (SBG 321) or my office (SBG 367) -- I'll be in one of those two places before and after the Final -- and you can take a look and get any questions you may have about them answered.

* There are no lab meetings next week, so you are done with lab for the quarter!


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Biology 160 Lab Materials for Fall 2016

Unless otherwise announced, there's no need to print these; hard copies of the documents necessary for lab activities will be provided to you in lab.

BIOL& 160 Lab Safety Rules Sheet


BIOL& 160 Lab Module 1 (Sci Method)

Articles:  "A simple device to detect concussions" and "Effect of sport-related concussion on clinically measured simple reaction time"

BIOL& 160 Lab Module 2 (Water)

BIOL& 160 Lab Module 4 (Microscopy I)

BIOL& 160 Lab Module 3 (Enzymes)

BIOL& 160 Lab Module 5 (Microscopy II)

BIOL& 160 Lab Module 6 (Osmosis)

BIOL& 160 Lab Module 7 (Fermentation)

BIOL& 160 Lab Module 8 (DNA Replication, Transcription, Translation)

BIOL& 160 Lab Module 9 (Microscopy III:  Mitosis, Cell Cycle)

BIOL& 160 Lab Module 10 (Meiosis)

BIOL& 160 Lab Module 11 (DNA Extraction, Sequencing)

BIOL& 160 Lab Module 12 (Mendelian Genetics)


BIOL& 160 Lab Practical 1 Review Guide

BIOL& 160 Lab Practical 2 Review Guide


BIOL& 160 Biomedical Research Project (BRP) Instructions

BRP Team Eval and Peer Critique Forms

BRP Topic List

BRP Example Paper


The Archive:  Course Materials From Previous Terms

Biology 241 Course Materials from Winter 2016

Biology 242 Course Materials from Spring 2016