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Welcome to BIOL& 253 (Fall Quarter 2014) at Clark College! 

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Biology 253 Announcements

Fri. 11/21/14 -- IMPORTANT Next Wednesday, 11/26 is a Faculty Workday, meaning that classes and labs will not be officially held that day, but I'll be on campus and have the lab open from 9:00A to noon.  After much thought and deliberation, in order to ease lab congestion a bit on Tuesday, I've decided to extend the deadline for the Metabolic Pathways Exam to noon on Wednesday.

Thu. 11/20/14 -- Now that there are about three weeks left in the quarter, I suggest that you begin devoting a little bit of time each day to reviewing for the cumulative Final Exam.  For more information about the Final, plus advice on how best to prepare for it, please read the Final Exam Study Tips document that I've posted below the Prep Guide section of this page (scroll down for the link).

Tue. 11/18/14 -- Spectacular job overall on Lab Exam 2, folks:  the average was 92.1/100!  Find your score and current overall raw % here.  You'll get your graded exams back at your first (or only) lab meeting of the week.  Thanks again for your patience, and see you soon!

Biology 253 Course Materials for Fall 2014

BIOL& 253 Syllabus, Fall 2014


BIOL& 253 Ch. 19 Notes

BIOL& 253 Ch. 20 Notes

BIOL& 253 Ch. 21 Notes

BIOL& 253 Ch. 22 Notes

BIOL& 253 Ch. 24 Notes

BIOL& 253 Ch. 25 Notes

BIOL& 253 Ch. 23 Notes

BIOL& Ch. 26 Notes


BIOL& 253 Lecture Exam 1 Prep Guide

Key to the multiple choice questions on the Lecture Exam 1 Prep Guide

BIOL& 253 Lecture Exam 2 Prep Guide

Key to the multiple choice questions on the Lecture Exam 2 Prep Guide

BIOL& 253 Lecture Exam 3 Prep Guide

The key to the multiple choice questions on the Lecture Exam 3 Prep Guide will be posted sometime Wed. 11/26.


New!  BIOL& 253 Cumulative Final Exam Study Tips

BIOL& 253 Lecture Exam Protocols and Multiple Choice Tips


As you know, the A&P sequence is tough, and it requires a lot of outside-of-class study time and effort in order for you to give yourself the best chance to excel.  A while back, I asked some of my best A&P students to tell me what they did to help them score well on the lecture exams.  Here's what they said.



BIOL& 253 Blood Tracing Exam Informational Handout, Fall 2014


BIOL& 253 Metabolic Pathways Exam Informational Handout, Fall 2014

MP Exam Alternative Energy Yield Summary - this is the Energy Yield Summary shown in the sample exam below

Sample MP Exam - this shows all the information and details you need to include when you take the exam



BIOL& 253L Lab Manual, Fall 2014

Cardiovascular System Deletions and Changes -- updated 9/24/14

Digestive System Deletions and Changes -- updated 10/21/14

Respiratory/Urinary System Deletions:  hilum (p. 22), hilum (p. 24), and urethra (p. 24) -- updated 11/14/14


A&P Open Lab Schedule for Fall Quarter 2014:

        Saturdays and Sundays, 8A-6P (except October 18 and 19)

A&P Links

My colleagues Mark Bolke and Dr. Rick Rausch have compiled extensive collections of links to web resources that you may find useful and interesting during your study of A&P.  Check 'em out!

Mark Bolke's links page

Dr. Rick Rausch's links page

The Archive:  Course Materials From Previous Terms

Biology 251 Course Materials from Spring 2014

Biology 252 Course Materials from Summer 2014

Biology 253 Course Materials from Fall 2013 -- Note:  if you are taking my BIOL& 253 course this fall (2014), feel free to preview these but do not print them, as I will be editing them for the upcoming quarter and some content and/or organization may change.  I'll have the "new and improved" versions of my notes posted in the "Biology 253 Course Materials for Fall 2014" section of this website (scroll up) by the night before each lecture at the latest, and most often sooner.

Biology 164 Course Materials from Winter 2014