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USA LearnsLearn English for FREE   on -line!  NEW LINK!

SuperPages:  FREE on-line reading /  internet search course  *  be sure to print the student workbook!

Starfall.com:  Great for lower levels!

Levels 1, 2, and 3

Placing the mouse, clicking the mouse, dragging and dropping, drawing with the mouse

How many clicks can you make in 20 seconds?


Calendar, Pronunciation

Dance Mat Typing Skills

A mouse tour in English - Instructions on how to use the computer mouse
A mouse tour in Spanish

A typing practice program

Easy Activities - Practice with letters numbers, shapes, writing, colors

New Users - English
New Users - Spanish

Sticky Letters

Connect the Dots 1x1
Connect the Dots AxB

English-Spanish Picture Dictionary - ESL levels 1,2
Noun Plurals - ESL levels 1,2

Welcome to Vancouver, WA! - Treasure Hunt ESL levels 2 and 3

Industrial Design Treasure Hunt - ESL level 3
Visit Australia Treasure Hunt - ESL level 3

Level 5

Voice of America: Special English

Activities for ESL/EFL Students
Interesting things for ESL students

Quizzes from Dave's ESL Cafe
Idioms from Dave's ESL Cafe
Phrasal Verbs from Dave's ESL Cafe
Slang from Dave's ESL Cafe

English lessons, exercises & tests

Today in history from Dave's ESL Cafe

Google Search Engine

Easy-to-read health information

City of Vancouver
State of Washington

Martin Luther King, Jr.& Rosa Parks

Groundhog Day

Biographies of the Presidents - Easy reading

Level 6

Current news article with visuals

Various activities - all skill areas, various levels

Stories about scientific discoveries - and audio for listenting and pronunciation

Living on earth radio science - Listen or read, then do the quiz to see how you did

An assortment - interesting ways to practice and review

Idioms and Slang - A great site for practicing idiom and slang knowledge and vocabulary development

Many useful activities - for practicing various aspects of your skill-building

Practice - Lots of variety and opportunity

A medical site - practice vocabulary interactively

Another medical site - all kinds of info/practice

Clark Financial Aid

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