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Listening/Speaking:  Students make phone calls to get information.  

Listening 1:  Getting directions from Town Plaza.

Listening 2:  Getting directions from Clark College-- main campus

Listening 3:  Getting information about Clark College



Print an easier-to-read handout on Financial Aid Information.


Print the Clark College Profile (for reference) and reading activity.

Use the current Schedule of Classes & worksheet to find out more about ENL classes.  *Remember:  You need to use a schedule for fall, winter or spring because ENL classes are not offered in the summer.

Print the worksheet to learn more about credits and grades.  Print the answer sheet to help explain the system to your students. 

Print one report, Quarter at a Glance (You can choose the quarter that you want to use) & questions.

For practice with tables/numbers, you can also use a report on Completions & Degrees, Vocational Program Demographics or Vocational Program Enrollments.