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Survey of Biology

Instructor: Steven Clark            Clark Community College    Email: sclark@clark.edu

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Here's a link to study and college success from the Clark Counseling Center.



When I study for a test I do the following:

  1. I skim the chapter again (Iíve already read it and highlighted it).
    1. I only carefully re-read the parts that I feel weak on.
    2. I pay attention to pictures because they are often summarizing in nature.
  2. I go through my lecture notes and in the margin of my notes I write questions for virtually every point Iíve written.
  3. I quiz myself on the questions Iíve written.
  4. Now Iím ready to study that chapter with a partner.
  5. Iíd do the online questions with a partner.  The online questions are not a great way to learn the information but they are a good way to see if indeed I do know the material.  Thatís why I do that part last.
  6. On to the next chapter.

For the final, I'd pay attention to those questions I missed on our chapter 3-17 test; get those items correct.  After I did that, I'd go back to chapters 1-12.

See you at 10 AM in our lecture classroom.  Call me if you get stuck.