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Clark College Biology Resources

Clark College
1933 Fort Vancouver Way
Vancouver, WA

Welcome to Clark College Biology Resources

This site contains course information for Clark College Biology students enrolled in Human Biology and Microbiology. Faculty contact information and faculty website addresses can also be accessed here.

Materials are available for download in Adobe Acrobat Reader (.pdf) format. Please download the free Acrobat Reader.

If you have any questions about the documents here, please email your instructor directly, or visit his or her faculty website for clarification.

Human Biology Lecture (BIOL 164)

BIOL 164 (Instructors: W. Cushwa, J. Marsh, L. Tingey)

BIOL 164 Lecture Materials

Lecture Notes and Study Guides for J. Marsh's classes

Lecture Notes for L. Tingey's classes

Human Biology Lab(BIOL 165)

BIOL 165 (Instructors: A. Campbell, B. Ostrom, L. Tingey)

Lab Syllabi
Schedule for all BIOL 165 face-to-face Labs
Lists of Things to Know for Each Practical (For all face-to-face lab sections)
Laboratory Activity Sheets (For all face-to-face lab sections)
Lab Manuals (For all face-to-face lab sections)

Note: These manuals are very useful study tools, but be aware that you are responsible for knowing what is specifically listed in Lists of Things to Know for Each Practical, above.

Microbiology(BIOL& 260)

Syllabi/General Information

BIOL& 260 Fall 2015 Syllabus for J. Marsh

Information for Students and Physicians

Lecture Notes - J. Marsh
Study Guides - J. Marsh
Lab Modules
Unknowns Project Information - J. Marsh

Instructions for Unknowns Project

Species Table for Unknowns Project - Fall 2015

Lab Tests for Unknowns - J. Marsh
Research Project - J. Marsh