Critical Reading 087


These powerpoints are here for you to go through to understand Reading skills and assignments in this class.

Skills:                                                     Instructions:                    Master Reader   

What Is Critical Reading                                                                                Chapters:

Signal words                                 Journals                              Chapter 3

Paragraph types                                                                                Chapter 4

Figures of speech                                                                              Chapter 7

Fact, Opinion , Bias                                                                          Chapter 8                 

Inferences                                                                                          Chapter 9            

Elements of thought                      Chapter10PowerPoint Presentation                                    Chapter 11

                                                        Chapter 12

  argument powerpoint                                                        Chapter 13

Greek/Latin Prefixes                       Internet use                      

Greek/Latin Roots                       GroupPresentations           

 Greek/Latin Suffixes                                                                            Greek/Latin exercise


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