Humanities 210


Intro to Gay Lesbian, Bisexual, and Trans Studies


Spring 2014


TTh 1:00-3:20

HHL 103

This class is typically only offered once a year. 

If you don't take it this Spring, your next opportunity will be Spring of 2015.


Instructor: Marylynne Diggs



This 5 credit class can be used toward fulfillment of either your Humanities or Social Science general education distribution requirement or as a general elective. 



…an enlightening class for anyone interested in studying gay, lesbian, bisexual, and trans issues in science, history, law, social movement theory, literature, media, and film.

Course Syllabus: Spring 2014  now online!

Eight Week Project Packet: Spring 2014 now online!

Required Reading Links: Spring 2014 available now.





For more information, contact the instructor:

Marylynne Diggs



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