Humanities 210


Intro to Gay Lesbian, Bisexual, and Trans Studies

soon to become HUM 175: LGBTQ Studies


Spring 2015


TTh 10:30-12:50

HHL 119

This class is typically only offered once a year. 

If you don't take it this Spring, your next opportunity will be Spring of 2016.


Instructor: Marylynne Diggs



This 5 credit class can be used toward fulfillment of either your Humanities or Social Science general education distribution requirement or as a general elective.  It also satisfies requirements in the Women's Studies and PPI Certificates



…an enlightening class for anyone interested in studying gay, lesbian, bisexual, and trans issues in science, history, law, social movement theory, literature, media, and film.

Course Syllabus: Spring 2015 will be on Canvas

Eight Week Project Packet: Spring 2015 will be on Canvas!

Required Reading Links: Spring 2015 will be on Canvas!





For more information, contact the instructor:

Marylynne Diggs



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