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Assignment A: Introduction to eLearning

Chapter 1 Assignment: Political Ideology

Chapter 2 Assignment: The Constitution Chapter 3 Assignment: Letter to Government Official Chapter 4 Assignment: Civil Liberties
Chapter 6 Assignment: Public Opinion Chapter 7 Assignment: Letter to the Editor Chapter 9 Assignment: Political Parties Chapter 11 Assignment: Interest Groups Chapter 10 Assignment: Campaign Finance
Chapter 12 Assignment: Congress   Chapter 14 Assignment: Bureaucracy Chapter 15 Assignment: Judiciary  
READ ME FIRST! Extra Credit Opportunities Left-Right graphic American Government & Politics Websites

Note: Everything above may be revised as needed.


3/22: The End of the Quarter is Nigh! Reminder that the quarter ends tonight (Friday, March 22) at 11:55 PM.

3/21: To clarify: Due to the short week, the 48-hour rule for this week's discussion questions is waived. But you still need to do at least three posts for each discussion. (On the Concluding Discussion feel free to respond to a groupmates' post as usual for your second/third posts, or you could take the opportunity to say goodbye to your groupmates).

Happy Spring!
Remember that this is a short week--the quarter is over and everything closes down (and must be turned in) by tomorrow night (Friday), at 11:55 PM.

3/17: Important note about the Chapter 15 Assignment: Please disregard the notation at the bottom of the assignment about it being an extra credit assignment. That is for the on-campus version of the course, not for our distance learning version. The assignment is required for our class, not extra credit. I apologize for the confusion.

3/16: To give you just a little bit of extra time, the Week 11 activities have been opened a bit early. Remember that this is a short week--finals end on Friday, so that is the end of the quarter (though in our case there's no reason we can't go right up to the edge of midnight). So 11:55 PM on Friday, March 22 is the absolute deadline for finishing the Week 11 activities, as well as for turning in any late assignments or extra credit. Also, please note the addition of a Concluding Discussion. I don't think you'll find it to be too much extra work.

3/11: The Chapter 13 and Chapter 14 Discussion questions and Exams, and the Chapter 14 Assignment are available.

3/4: The Chapter 12 Assignment, Discussion question, and Exam are available.

2/27: Reminder that all five makeup exams (Chapters 1-5) are due tomorrow night, February 28.

2/25: The Chapter 10 Exam and Discussion Question are available in Moodle. The Chapter 10 Assignment has been canceled. Remember, the first five chapter exams (the makeups) all close on the 28th.

2/21: Ok, people. There's been enough confusion (understandable), family emergencies and health issues (unavoidable), and, honestly, whining (you know who you are) about the makeup exams that the due dates for all five have been changed to February 28. So The Chapter 1, Chapter 2, and Chapter 3 Exams have been reopened, and the Chapter 4 and Chapter 5 Exams have been extended. All five will close at 11:55 PM on February 28. You do not, of course, have to retake any of those you have already attempted. But the normal rules apply--take each exam as many times as you wish, only the highest grade counts, etc.

In the meantime, this week's Chapter 9 and Chapter 11 Exams, Discussions, and Chapter 11 Assignment are still due at their regular day and time. The Chapter 9 Assignment is still canceled (as were the Chapter 2 and Chapter 6 Assignments).

Please let me know if you have any questions.

2/18: The Chapter 9 and Chapter 11 Exams and Discussion Questions are available, as is the Chapter 11 Assignment. Remember, the Chapter 9 Assignment (and next week's chapter 10 assignment as well) has been canceled to give you more time for the makeup exams. Also, please remember that we cover the chapters out of sequence this week. Chapters nine and eleven this week, chapter 10 next week. Lastly, remember the makeup Chapter 3 Exam is due Tuesday, February 19.

2/14: Happy Valentine's Day. Don't forget that the makeup Chapter 2 Exam closes tomorrow (Friday, February 15), and the regular Chapter 7 and Chapter 8 Exams close on the usual Saturday night. To give you more time to get the back reading and makeup chapter exams done, the Chapter 9 and Chapter 10 Assignments have been canceled. (The Chapter 11 Assignment--due next week--remains.)

2/11: I urge you to read this. Not "political", but important: http://www.nytimes.com/2013/02/10/opinion/sunday/relax-youll-be-more-productive.html. It's not every day that you run across something that can help you for for the rest of your life.

This week's Assignments, Exams, and Discussions have been posted. Keep in mind that this is another "two-chapter" week, so there are two chapters to read and two exams to take (besides the makeup(s) from the beginning of the quarter).

Because some of the discussions were getting somewhat sparse, new groups have been created, with a few more people per group. So you should briefly introduce yourself in your first post to your new groupmates. Remember to get your first post done by Thursday at the latest--without that first post, your groupmates don't have anything to respond to for their reaction posts.

Assignment B: State of the Union Address will be
is posted above later today; it requires watching the State of the Union Address, which is tomorrow night at 6:00 PM Pacific time. Try to carve out some time to watch it live (it's a great family activity!), but if that's not possible it will be widely available for viewing on the internet any time afterwards.

This is obviously a busy week, so don't procrastinate!

As always, please let me know if you have any questions.

2/8: The Chapter 7 Assignment: Letter to the Editor is posted above. Assignment B: State of the Union will be available on Monday.

2/5: Great news! The testbank has arrived, been processed and uploaded into Moodle, and the Chapter Exams have been created and posted. I appreciate your patience.

The Chapter Exams for chapters 1-5 are available now; you were, of course keeping up on your reading, even without the Chapter Exams as motivation--otherwise it would have been difficult to fully participate in Discussions, right? But just in case you weren't reading those early chapters quite as carefully as you might have, or if you need time to refresh your memory, each of those first five exams is open on a staggered schedule for the next couple of weeks. In other words, the Chapter 1 Exam is open from now until 11:55 PM on February 11; the Chapter 2 Exam is open from now until the 15th; Chapter 3 until the 19th, etc. The Chapter 6 Exam is also open, but on the regular schedule (that we should have been on all quarter)--it will close at 11:55 PM this Saturday, February 9.

I strongly encourage you to use this week to get caught up--there's no assignment, you should already have read the first half of Chapter 6 in week 1, and obviously the more time that passes the more you will need to review those earlier chapters. And from here on, we will be on the regular schedule.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

2/4: Good news/bad news: The Chapter 6 Assignment is canceled. The testbank has finally arrived from the publisher, and I expect to have some chapter exams ready to go by tomorrow night (Tuesday). Stay tuned for more info tomorrow.

The Chapter 6 Discussion Question is open in Moodle.

1/27: The Chapter 4 Assignment and Chapter 4 and Chapter 5 Discussion Questions are available in Moodle.

1/23: Please note the addition of Assignment B: State of the Union Address to the schedule the second week of February.

A reminder about Discussion Questions: (from the Discussion Board Instructions page)

Just fyi, I've been down with the flu for a while and making a slow recovery, so I've been lagging in getting grading done.

Also fyi, still no word from the publisher about the testbank, so still no exams in Moodle.

You should, of course, know by now that the Chapter 3 Assignment and Chapter 3 Discussion Question are available in Moodle.

1/19: Reminder that the Chapter 2 Discussion is due tonight.

1/17: The Discussion postings are a bit sparse thus far this week. Don't forget--after all, it is the only course activity this week.

Btw, continued bad news from the publisher. It will still be some time before the testbank is ready for us. I am examining alternatives. Thank you for your patience and flexibility.

1/15: Please note that there is an updated version of the Left-Right graphic above, one that better reflects US ideologies, as opposed to British (the origin of the designers). I encourage you to take a look.

1/13: A classic good news/bad news situation. The bad news (at least from where I sit): as of today, the publishers testbank is still not available. That means we still don't have last week's Chapter 1 Exam, much less this week's Chapter 2 Exam. (Perhaps that is good news for you.) But the chances are very good that I will have the exams ready within a couple of days. So it looks like next week will be one of those two-chapter weeks, though in this case you should have finished the Week 1 reading already (and, of course, already done the week's Discussions). But just to keep things from getting too overwhelming, I've canceled the Chapter 2 Assignment.

The Chapter 2 Discussion Question has been opened, and everyone has been assigned to a group of 5-6 people. Otherwise, the Discussion works the same as last week--three posts, one original and two responding to your groupmates.

Let me know if you have any questions.

1/12: Just a reminder that the first week's Discussions (Introduction and Chapter 1) and Assignments (Assignment A: Intro to eLearning and the Chapter 1 Assignment: Political Ideology) are due tonight.

1/9: Reminder that the first week's Discussions (Introductory and Chapter 1) and Assignments (Assignment A: Intro to eLearning and the Chapter 1 Assignment: Political Ideology) are available in Moodle.

A copy of the text is now available at the reserve desk of the library for 3 hour checkout.

The publisher is still putting the finishing touches on the testbank, so there's still no Chapter 1 Exam ready. I'll let you know when something changes.

1/7: Welcome to Political Science 111--American National Government & Politics--on the web.

One quick but important announcement: The good news is that we are using a brand new, freshly updated edition of the text We the People. The bad news is that it's so new, the publisher is not done with the test bank yet, which means the raw material with which I make your exams is not yet ready. So there are no exams posted as of now; hopefully I'll get the test bank in a couple of days and be able to get your first exam posted towards the end of the week.

This is where you will find announcements related to class (as well as in Moodle). Such as:

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