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Chapter 1 Assignment: Political Ideology Chapter 3 Assignment: Letter to Government Official Chapter 4 Assignment: Civil Liberties Chapter 7 Assignment: Letter to the Editor
(optional for extra credit)
Chapter 9 Assignment: Political Parties Chapter 12 Assignment: Congress Chapter 14 Assignment: Bureaucracy Chapter 15 Assignment: Judiciary
optional for extra credit) 

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Exam 1 Study Guide Exam 2 Study Guide Exam 3 Study Guide    
American Government & Politics Websites Interesting Articles Exam 1 Take-home Exam 2 Take-home  

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We will be using both this course website and Moodle this quarter. The course website is where you will find the syllabus, schedule, and other course information; the assignments; study guides; and information on how to get started in Moodle. Moodle is where you will find chapter quizzes and your grades.

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