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  • 25 Aug 2016, 8:00 pm

    NEW in BIOL& 242:
  • An updated gradesheet with final exam scores and course grades is posted below. A related message is also below. Thanks for being great, curious people. You are the best. I wish you success in your endeavors.

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  • Why Students Think They Understand - When They Don't
  • Why Students Think They Understand - When They Don't (a second link to same article as above with more good stuff...see the links...)
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  • OPEN LAB hours for BIOL 241 and 251 students during Fall Quarter 2016

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    Biology 160 Course Materials

  • BIOL& 160 General Biology is the required prerequisite for BIOL& 241 Human Anaotmy and Physiology. A grade of C or better is required to take BIOL& 241.
  • Biology 241 Course Materials

  • Prospective 241 students: 2 messages for you:
  • Required Books: Common Question: Can I use a previous edition of a required course textbook or lab atlas? click here for the answer.

  • Things you should know from BIOL& 160 for BIOL& 241 and 242: available here

  • BIOL 241 Course materials will be posted here at the beginning of Fall quarter.
  • Biology 242

  • A C or better in BIOL&241 is required to take BIOL& 242.

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  • 242 Grades Click on the link to see your test scores. You will need the secret name you were given. Please keep track of your secret name, and do not share it with others unless you want them to be able to see your grades. If you lose your secret name, or need a new one, I can provide one for you in person. I do not send secret names via email.

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  • Click here for a BIOL 242 Summer 2016 Syllabus No need to print this; student copies will be provided on the first day of class.
  • Lecture handouts

  • Feel free to print these out and bring to class, to save ink, change your printer settings to "draft quality" and use B/W instead of color.

    LINKS: Useful and interesting

    Histology links

    Great site at University of Michigan Medical School  Click on WebScope version

    Zoomified Histology, really cool to use. 

    Another LUMEN site: 

    A good selection of links to help you learn Histology (useful for other topics, too).

    Good Histo images at Microscopic Anatomy Atlas:

    Histology Quizzes in the Self Test section, Histology in the Quiz Bowl, plus lots more fun here, try the Multiplayer Games, "Anatomy Bowl", do it with friends, do it with yourself, challenge your instructor!

    Dozens of sights here: 

    Histology Reference

    FREE online atlas

    Website for Dr. Anna Ross' Histology course

    Link for Anatomy learning resources:

    Many Medical Animations from the University of Pennsylvania 

    San Diego Mesa College resources for Anatomy lab: models and histology

    Education Portal, click on BIOL 105 Anatomy and Physiology for learnign topics

    A Pronunciation of Anatomical Terms

    Medical Mnemonics - interesting ways to remember anatomical concepts/facts

    Gross Anatomy Dissection Videos from the University of Michigan Medical School

    Glossary of Anatomical terms

    Historical Anatomies

    Online Orthopedic text - Bones, Muscles, Nerves

    Website of AAA, resources for those interested in the science of Anatomy

    Full of excellent pictures of dissections, try the Question of the Week, or take an online Practicum.

    A fantastic resource, lots of good information, see the Anatomic Variation link!

    Many links and resources for learning

    A digital version of Gray's Anatomy, not the TV series.

    The Human Anatomy & Physiology Society

    A good site to bone up with.

    A Sheep Brain Dissection Guide

    A good selection of topics to help you learn.

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