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The Clark College Department of Mathematics is devoted to your success. We offer a variety of support throughout the year including drop-in help center, workshops, success sessions, study groups, clubs, activities, and events. We are here to help! See ANNOUNCEMENTS for current activities

Help Centers for Math Tutoring
Tutors in the on-campus Help Centers in BHL-101/102 can help you be successful in your mathematics class. Weekday, evening, and weekend help may be available.
  • STEM Help Center (BHL-102) click for info or go directly to SCHEDULE
    On-campus center for help with STEM (Science-Technology-Engineering-Mathematics)
    course work. Tutors are available for drop-in help or by appointment. Come on in!
  • Women-in-STEM Help Center (BHL-101) click for info or go directly to SCHEDULE
    Female faculty and tutors assist students with mathematics and promote women in STEM careers. This center was established as a separate space for women, returning students, and others who may find it a comfortable place to seek mathematics help.
  • eTutoring.org
    Online math tutoring (free to all Clark students)
  • Clark Tutoring Services
    Additional tutoring services available at the college including math help at CTC.
  • Quiet Study Areas & Rooms in Cannell Library
    Cannell Library has quiet study areas for individual study and rooms available for small study groups (with whiteboards!).

Mobile graphing apps, online graphing programs, and mathematics software:

  • As an alternative to buying a handheld graphing calculator, you might consider having an app on your mobile device. There are several good choices, check your app store. For iphone/ipad try Desmos Graphing App (free) or PocketCAS App ($). Note: some instructors do require a graphing calculator.
  • Looking for a free online grapher? Good options include Desmos Calculator and iMathAS Grapher.
  • Wabbit is a TI-84 emulator software for your computer (free download). Wabbit download instructions: [ PDF | VIDEO ]

Enrollment Directions provides information about WebAssign and directions for enrolling. If your textbook comes with WebAssign AND your instructor uses WebAssign for class, you will need to get the class key code from your instructor. Only use the "generic" codes below if your instructor does NOT use WebAssign.

The following GRENERIC codes are for SPRING 2016:
  -- Math 089-095 Algebra sequences: clark 9626 6352
  -- Math 103 Trigonometry: clark 7002 3214
  -- Math 151-153+254 Calculus sequence: clark 6290 6042

Nominate your exceptional instructor! Recognize your instructor's exemplary teaching and the positive impact he/she has on students. Nominations must be received by 5:00 p.m., March 18, 2016, and may be . submitted by students, staff, or faculty. For more information see Exceptional Faculty Awards. To submit a nomination please go to Exceptional Faculty Awards - Nomination Form.

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