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Mathematical Association of America

Annual Meeting of the Pacific Northwest Section of
the Mathematical Association of America
Friday and Saturday, April 13 and 14, 2007

Linfield College in McMinnville, OR.

Co-sponsored by    and  

Pacific Nortwest Section, MAA

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Some of the publications by the key note speakers can be found at A K Peters (20% discount until May 31)

Note: This discount is good for all books in the catalog. 

You must enter the code "MAA" at the end of the order process.


Community College Panel

Resources suggested during the Community Colleges Panel.


Panelist - Paul Casillas, Information about Clark College & Professor Casillas


Panelist - Mike Kenyon, Information about Green River Community College & Professor Kenyon



The banquet was held Saturday April 14 at the Evergreen Aviation Museum.

Keynote Speakers:
John Conway, Princeton University
Elwyn Berlekamp, UC Berkeley
David Wolfe, Gustavus Adolphus College

Tentative Schedule:
Thursday April 12
Evening: Project NExT Dinner
		For more info, please visit
Friday April 13

7:45 am Packet pickup for Project NExT [Riley 201]

8:00-2:30 Project NExT meeting [Riley 201]

		For more info, please visit
Afternoon:  Minicourses. - Taylor Hall(7)
2:45 - 5:45 p.m.  

bullet"A Tour of Combinatorial Games," (Tour of Combinatorial Games may run longer)  - Course Closed (Full)
- Elwyn Berlekamp, UC Berkeley, and David Wolfe, Gustavus Adolphus College  [Taylor 101-Combinatorics]

bullet"An Approach to Population and Biological Modeling for Pre and Post Calculus Students,"  Cost $20.
- Sharon Brown and Chris Dugaw, Humboldt State University Department of Mathematics
[Taylor 201-Math Bio]




6:00 pm Project NExT dinner [Golden Valley Brewery]

		For more info, please visit

6:45 pm Packet pickup                       [Melrose Hall(1)]

7:00 pm Student Reception                [Johnasson in Melrose Hall(1)]

8:00 Public lecture by John Conway     [Ice Auditorium in Melrose Hall(1)]

bulletThe Free Will Theorem:
    This proves that if, as most of us believe, there exist experimenters having a certain amount of free will, then elementary particles must already enjoy their own small share of this valuable commodity. The theorem was proved jointly with Simon Kochen.


9:00 Reception        		-          [Johnasson in Melrose Hall(1)]
Special Reception honoring Students.

All meeting participants are invited to a special reception preceding the Conway lecture.

This reception is to honor student attendees, many of whom are first-time meeting participants.

Food and beverages will be available (students first!).

Saturday April 14

    All day: 
Section Meeting 

      Meeting activities will take place in Graf Hall (5), Murdock Hall(6), Melrose Hall (1), and Taylor Hall (7)


7:30- 8:30 am Executive meeting [West Wing in Dillon]

8:00 am Packet pickup [Murdock Atrium]

8:00- 5:15 Book Sales [Murdock Atrium]

9:00 am Welcome, Invited Lecture

        Elwyn Berlekamp - Fibonnaci Plays Billiards  [Ice Auditorium in Melrose]

10:15-12:10 Contributed talks

12:15-1:45 Lunch, Student problem solving session, Community College Panel [Melrose] 

bulletResources for Community Colleges Panel.

1:00-1:45 Business meeting [Melrose]

2:00 pm Invited lecture

        David Wolfe - In Tribute to Martin Gardner  [Ice Auditorium]

3:15-5:10 Contributed talks


Banquet at Evergreen Aviation Museum
	Keynote speaker: John Conway

5:30 pm Social hour at Evergreen Aviation Museum

6:30 Dinner

7:15 Section awards

7:45 Invited lecture- Conway   

Infinite and Infinitesimal Numbers and Games.

Cantor's infinite cardinal numbers are well-known to most mathematicians - his infinite ordinal numbers less so. I shall discuss both types before passing to the larger system of partizan games and surreal numbers that simultaneously generalize both the ordinal and real numbers.

Plenary talks by 
John Conway - Keynote speaker, Evening Banquet
Elwyn Berlekamp - Fibonnaci Plays Billiards
David Wolfe - In Tribute to Martin Gardner

In this talk, I will discuss at least two fun elementary problems:

First, in how many ways can you place stones on an m by n grid so that
each square is adjacent to an odd number of stones?  For example, on a
7 by 5 grid there are exactly two ways:
      ..*..     *...*
      *.*.*     *.*.*
      **.**     .***.
      *...*     *...*
      .***.     **.**
      *.*.*     *.*.*
      *...*     ..*..

(Joint work with Erick Knight, St Peter High School)

For the second problem, it's long been observed (by Dr. Matrix, among
others) that if you multiply the number 123456789 by 2, 4, 5, 7, or 8
that the result permutes all 9 digits:

         123456789 x 2 = 246913578
         123456789 x 4 = 493827156
         123456789 x 5 = 617283945
         123456789 x 7 = 864197523
         123456789 x 8 = 987654312

I will address why this is the case by generalizing the problem to
base b numbers with b-1 digits.
Contributed paper sessions.
bulletResources for Community Colleges Panel.

  Registration Information

Regular registration: $35
Student registration: $10
Student speaker registration: $0
Registration includes lunch on Saturday.
	Registration will be in Murdock Hall(6)
bulletThere is a $10 surcharge for non-MAA members.  (Does not apply to students.)
bulletRegistration questions can be sent to Jennifer Nordstrom at

Banquet: $35
Student banquet: $20
Guest banquet: $40
Banquet included admission to the Evergreen Aviation Museum.


Meal information:

Lunch Saturday will be a sandwich bar. It will include vegetarian options.

The banquet is a buffet. All items will be available to all guests. However, in order to ensure that there is enough food we are requesting that people indicate "Standard" or "Vegetarian" based on whether they will be eating the meat entrees or not.


Banquet Menu:

Carved Natural Country Beef Eye of Round with Rosemary Au Jus and Whipped Cream Horseradish

Roast Turkey Breast with Cranberry Orange Relish

Steamed Fresh Spring Vegetables

Chive and Blue Cheese Crusted Whipped Potatoes

Assorted Rolls and Butter

Tofu Lo Mien with Bok Choy, Waterchestnuts, Bamboo Shoots, Carrots, and Peppers.

Tossed Green Salad with Grape Tomatoes, Mushrooms, and Carrots

Assorted Mini Cakes

Assorted Mini Nanaimo Bars

Assorted Mini Tarts

Students are strongly encouraged to attend this meeting and we ask faculty to bring students, including those who might be ready to give a talk at a future meeting. 

We would especially like to encourage student presentations on summer research, REUs, senior projects, the modeling contest, and other projects. 

Work presented need not be original research.

Titles and abstracts can be submitted as with other contributed papers; there will be a session for student papers.

Colin Starr, Willamette University, is the primary contact for the contributed papers.  The deadline for contributed papers is February 28th.  If you would like to organize a special session, please e-mail the program chairs (below) with the appropriate information

Hotel Information: We have conference rates at two local hotels -

        Note: Conference rates are only good if booked before March 12, 2007:

Red Lion Inn and Suites (a couple of miles from campus, but close to Evergreen Aviation Museum)

        Phone: 503-472-1500, Please mention you are with PNW MAA

Best Western Vineyard Inn (about 5 blocks from campus) 

       Phone: 503-472-4900 or 1-800-285-6242, Please mention you are with PNW MAA


There are also several nice Bed and Breakfasts in the area:

Driving Directions to Linfield:

Parking Information and Building Locations

Parking is free on campus. You can park in any of the lots. If you have trouble finding a parking space, there is always plenty of space
in the lots near Keck Circle at the south end of campus. See for a campus map.

Map of College
bulletMeeting activities will take place in
bulletGraf Hall (5),
bulletMurdock Hall (6),
bulletMelrose Hall (1), and
bulletTaylor Hall (7).
(Numbers refer to locations on the campus map).
bulletRegistration will be in Murdock Hall (6).
bulletFriday Evening Lecture and reception will be in Melrose Hall (1).
bulletProject NExT activities and NExT registration
will be in the Riley Campus Center (2).
bulletMinicourses will be in Taylor Hall (7).



Jennifer Firkins Nordstrom, - Local Arrangements Chair
Colin Starr, - Program Chair— Contributed papers and general program
Nancy Ann Neudauer, Program Chair— Invited speakers

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