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Links to Good Sites: Use the "forward" and "back" buttons to get back to this web when you are done with these other sites!


These are a few good sites to visit. There are many more good ones out there. If you find one that is not mentioned either here or in the Language Center's web, please tell me about it. I'll be happy to add it to the list.

Multiple Skills:

ESL Gold   Vocabulary, Speaking, Reading and Writing resources for many different levels of learners. - Many different activities to practice your English Skills. - learn to type -Online help with Math Review (and other subjects) (STEP BY STEP how to use: word, excel, powerpoint and more). (learn to type fast)



Grammar and Writing:

Purdue Owl -  Grammar and Writing help for all kinds of writing assignments. To find information about writing resumes, click on professional writing or go directly to

Citing electronic sources, APA style. This is a site that will help you with writing different types of paragraphs. It gives you information about the purpose for each kind of writing.

Cause and Effect Paragraphs - Explanations and exercises on the topic.

Punctuation - Main rules and exercises to practice correct punctuation. - A collection of sites from different universities, dealing with grammar and punctuation points.  Thank you, Mrs. McClain and Students for the suggestion to add this link!  This site contains a guide to different types of essays. Thank you, Beverly Schiff and students for the suggestion!

Reading and Vocabulary:

Dan Kurland's Critical Reading page. Here you can find help to really understand what you are reading. - Practice reading faster - Find stories, either long or the abridged version.

And just for fun, Online books for you, and  Online books for kids!

Academic Vocabulary  and other exercises and quizzes - matching games and word search and such. You will find many more subjects on Quia.

Midlink Magazine  Information on how to evaluate web sites and how to cite information. - This is a vocabulary site where you can practice academic vocabulary similar to what you would find on the SAT test. - This site has many links for improving reading skills and for suggestions of great books for kids! Thank you, Beverly Schiff and students for the suggestion!

Ideas for conversations - Speaking, pronunciation:  Click on this link for a list of topics and questions to answer during a conversation session.  Click on this site for pronunciation and listening exercises - more pronunciation exercises - how to pronounce the "th" (Learn English with Jennifer)

English with Jennifer - she has many, many videos for pronunciation practice

To Learn About Yourself - Learn about yourself. What is the best way for you to learn?

 - Information about culture shock and some tips about how to deal with it. (there is a link in Spanish to this information too!)


For Teachers: - Videos for Listening and discussion - Great list of resources! - All sorts or links for listening

Many, many online exercises for teachers to use - Many more grammar exercises

Conversion Charts - figure out measurements of all kinds!