Dr. Dixon's Trigonometry Page

(All documents are in Word 2000, unless otherwise specified)

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Math 103 Syllabus, Fall 2004 - includes syllabus and schedule Syllabus, Fall 2004
Math 103 Homework - for McKeague "Trigonometry" 5th ed. ~ under construction ~
Math 103 Homework - for McKeague "Trigonometry" 4th ed. Homework, 4th ed.
Math 103 - Extra Credit assignment - applications of the Law of Cosines and the Law of Sines. Extra Credit
Trigonometric Series - adding trigonometric functions together, to represent a given function. Trig Series   (Word, 32 kb)

Trig Series   (in html format)

The Polar Form of complex numbers & the Exponential function Polar Form of Complex numbers
Graphing, using a Graphing Calculator - from Dr. Watson's website. Graphing Calculator  (PDF, 1 pg, 78 kb)

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