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Math 030 Syllabus, Spring 2004 Syllabus, Spring 2004
Math 030 Schedule, Spring 2004 - shows when sections of the text will be covered, and also when the tests are. Schedule, Spring 2004

Basic Properties of Algebra (Axioms) - the basic rules of algebra and the real numbers.

Rules of the Game of Algebra
Formulas from Geometry - a page with many of the basic formulas for areas, perimeters, and volumes of common plane and solid figures.

Another geometry page with some definitions and theorems about angles.

Formulas from Geometry  - in msWord format

Formulas from Geometry  - in HTML web page format

Angles  - in Word format

Angles  - in HTML web page format

Unit Conversion Tables - Metric system & U.S. system Unit Conversion Tables

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