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 (All documents are in Word 2000, unless otherwise specified.)
Statistics Key-stroke Guides

These can be used not only in Statistics classes, but also in any class that discusses how to find functions for modeling data - by deriving the line, or curve, of best fit to a set of paired data points (scatter plot).  Click on the following links, to get the version that corresponds to your model of TI graphing calculator.

TI-83 Plus Statistics Keystroke Guide

TI-85 Statistics Keystroke Guide  

TI-86 Statistics Keystroke Guide  

TI-89 Statistics Keystroke Guide  

Basic Properties of Algebra (Axioms)

Here is a document with all the basic rules of algebra and the real numbers.

Rules of the Game of Algebra  - 1 page


Formulas from Geometry

Here is a page with many of the basic formulas for areas, perimeters, and volumes of common plane and solid figures.

Another geometry page with some definitions and theorems about angles.

Formulas from Geometry  - in Word format
Formulas from Geometry  - in HTML web page format
Angles  - in Word format
Angles  - in HTML web page format


Math Images

GIF files of graphs and geometric shapes - mainly for instructors' use in tests and assignments.

Math Images - in HTML web page format

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