Excel 2007 Assignment Sheet, Tutorial 4—Enhancing a Workbook with Charts and Graphs


General Excel Notes—Ignore any steps in the book (not in SAM) that direct you to place information in the header/footer of your workbooks. Instead, make sure the File Name, Tab name (sheet name) are in the FOOTER on the left, the Page [#] of [Pages] is in the center, and your name is in the right, and set all worksheets to be centered horizontally and Fit to 1 page if possible.

Printable Sheet



Additional Instructions


Sessions 4.1 & 4.2








(40 points)

Read and complete pages EX 161 – EX 222.

NOTES: Page 179—If the chart title goes to two lines when you press Enter after updating the title; press backspace to delete this extra line.

When resizing a chart, hold the Alt key as you drag the chart edge to “lock” it into the column or row borders.

For Line Charts: try changing two of the lines to another “style” and/or color to make them easier to tell apart when printed on a black-and-white printer.

After answering the Quick Check questions on pages EX 191 and EX 222, check your answers here to make sure you have a clear understanding of the concepts covered.





p. 22, Step 5_______


SAM Training

(10 points)

Complete the Training for Excel Tutorial 4 in SAM.
This is done in
SAM ___________

Review Assignment


(15 points)

Complete the Practice Review Assignment on pages EX 223 - EX 224.


NOTES: Be sure to carefully read and follow the Hints.
Step 21 - make sure that your first three worksheets will all fit on one page each, print pages 2-3 only of the entire workbook (in the print settings).

Step 21 _________

(2nd and 3rd sheets of
the workbook)

SAM Assignment:
Chapter 4 – Case Problem (Apply)


(15 points)

Download the starting document from SAM. Download the instructions from SAM or use the book - they are exactly the same. It is Case Problem 1 Apply on pages EX 224 - 225.

Upload the finished workbook back into SAM. Check your score. If you want a better score, check the report, find your errors, fix them on your original document then upload again. You may do this a total of three times only.

This is done in SAM ______________

Tutorial 4:
Case Problem 2

Tornado.xlsx, Cloud.jpg

 (10 points)

Complete the Apply Case Problem 2 Assignment on pages EX 225 - EX 226. When you are done, save the file as directed and print the chart sheet of the YI Tornado Sightings.xlsx workbook.


Step 13__________

(chart sheet)

Tutorial 4:
Case Problem 3


(10 points)

Complete the Challenge Case Problem 3 on pages EX 226 - EX 227. When you are done, save the file as directed and print the chart sheet of the YI Mitchell Oil.xlsx workbook.

Step 17 _________

(chart sheet)



Up to 10 points

Complete the Create Case Problem 4 on pages EX 227 - EX 228. When you are done, save the file as directed and print Pages 2 and 3 (the Cover Sheet and the Game Report sheet) of the YI Basketball Report.xlsx workbook.


Step 7 __________

(Cover Sheet and Game Report sheet printed as part of the workbook)